Sungil Steel




             Aug. 1997   SUNGIL Special Steel Founded

             Jul.   2000   Stainless for braun tube supply to Samsung SDI

             Apr.  2001   Changed to SUNGIL Special Steel Co.,Ltd

             Jul.   2001   Registered Utility models(martensite, Cold-rolled stainless, not oxidized                    continuous cooling for coil)

             Jun.  2004   Exported Vertical Pb-Type, Strip edge trimming machine and Edging

             Aug.  2004   Produced clutch part for car

             Aug.  2005   Produced and supplied window brush for car

             Oct.  2005   Achieved ISO 9001 for steel heat treatment and equipment production

             Oct.  2006   Moved to new factory building for expansion

             Dec.  2006   Equipped with self-production equipment for Vertical Pb-Type(250Kw)

             Mar.  2007   Produced SUS420J2 Not oxidized continuous line and supplied to Changrip,                     Korean company

             Oct.  2007   Certificated as a clean workplace

             Mar.  2010   Selected as a innovative small and medium sized business


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