Sungil Steel

(Comparison of quality, technology and price, etc. with the products of domestic and foreign competitors)

We are a specialized special steel coil heat treatment company and have the best or the second best technological skill in Korea. Being acknowledged with more excellent technical skill, we have obtained ISO9001 certification. We also have systematic production process. We are proud that we are advanced in this field, comparing with our competitors. In the competition in the overseas market, Chinese companies have grown remarkably with low price rather than technical skill for a few years. But due to lack of technical skill and high defective rate, the orders are returning back to us.

cold rolled steel strip

In addition, we expanded business to stationary and industrial cutter blades from 2009 and we are currently delivering to Hwashin Industrial Co., Ltd. Being acknowledged with quality, we are supplying the products to it exclusively from 2013. From 2012, export volume has increased and our turnover of cutter blade increased by more than 20%, comparing with the last year. And also, we are receiving inquiries continuously from Europe and Middle East.

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